Wetland Mitigation Banks in Northwest Florida

(Public and private wetland mitigation banks in northwest Florida)

Often the best and generally preferred option for offsetting wetland impacts, there are currently nine wetland mitigation banks in northwest Florida.

The combined mitigation service areas (MSAs) of these banks (public and private) cover approximately 40% (4,480 mi2) of the NWFMWD jurisdiction (private MSAs cover ~4,120 mi2 or 36%).  Federal and state permitting authorities decide when mitigation banks may be used as offsetting mitigation for a given impact.  The NWFWMD Umbrella Plan / In-Lieu Fee Plan does not compete with private mitigation banks.  Any questions regarding the current status of a mitigation bank should be directed to the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, or the individual bank.

[Google Earth KMZ File of Overlapping Mitigation Bank Service Areas in Northwest Florida] - (MSA Boundaries are from an FDEP GIS Data Layer and Are Not Guaranteed)

(Updated 10/26/2015)